Magic of Making Up

What is information magic of making up?
Information magic of making up in the mid market space and the mid enterprise space enabling an organisation to most effectively deliver it's products and services to it's clients and users so it's seen as an IT function but in reality it's a business function it's knowing how an individual department will create, use, store, maintain the information in its remit, how that information is shared so its an all encompassing information flow throughout the organisation and it needs to be seen like that, it's an iatrical part of the business process therefore developing an enterprise architecture without understanding the information flow and the information architecture you're always going to be missing a critical piece.

Who is responsible for data?
Who's responsible for data is often a very challenging question when you talk to most organisations, there's often a gap between organisations understanding of paper records and understanding of IT and data on a disk. If you went to department and challenged them on the use of a document that's kept in a filing cabinet they'd have a very clear understanding of what that document is for, who should have access to it and what should happen at the end of it's life however with IT because we have these large disk systems we create files that are departmental in nature and because they store so much, there's often less understanding of what they are storing so yes there's bits in the business process that they do clearly understand but often they'd devolve themselves of the responsibilities of ownership and retention and where it's stored and as millions and millions of pieces of data grows (data is growing at 120% per year) there's less understanding and there's more of a gap and it's IT responsibility and the business knowledge in its care and the aim is to try and get those back together and have an asset magic of making up policy that links and flows throughout the organisation.

How do I define an information asset?
An information asset as with any business asset has to have value it's also important to recognise that it's a corporate asset and not an individual asset therefore they may be custodians of it, they may create it they may be responsible for it but unless it is shared and used by the business as a whole as a creation of wealth by that organisation it isn't really an asset it's actually a liability. Therefore we've got to consider does it cost more to create and retain this piece of information and is the information known to the rest of the organisation, we see an awful lot of repeat work being carried out by different departments there's a lot of confusion over which piece of information is correct and if you don't know what's driving the decision because you're using the wrong information that it's actually a real liability to an organisation.

What are the key challenges of information magic of making up?
The main challenge of information magic of making up is making sure you're joined across the organisation, you understand the work flow, you understand the business process that is generating that information so it is not one department's responsibility it's an organisational one, therefore if you're not concerned about how your data is being backed up or you as an IT department are backing up data in groups without real knowledge of what's sat there then you have an information magic of making up challenge to overcome, in this case I'd recommend engaging with your CEO and saying we need to have an asset information magic of making up policy document that makes it very clear what information is available, who's responsible, what shouldn't be created and that then will define privacy laws retention requirements under various regulations and you're then mapping to a policy rather than mapping to an IT perception of what may or may not be required and it's very common to fund IT departments backing things up and when challenge what the users need it for, why they need it, not so clear on why more a case of it being best practice, my recommendation would be to get an advocate to sit in with the departmental meeting and understand how and their challenges around information magic of making up and then it becomes end to end.

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